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The reasons for writing blog posts is hoping that visitors may benefit from the stories, facts and truths that bloggers wish to let be known. Not necessarily expert writers I am sure however why not convey some advice and assistance where ever we can. My goal here is two fold the first as just mentioned and the second to spread the articles I write far and wide across the internet and maybe attract the attention of like minded people that can contribute to the main goal of generating small business client lists. The development of websites and blogs towards this end is sometimes excruciating process with many hours of lost sleep and putting up with so called wonder software from the latest guru hater (or so called hater) by offering a wonder cure to create massive traffic and the damn piece of crap is totally useless. This leads me to my next point there is no such thing as easy money on the internet it is a closed circle arrangement and every now and then there is a plan to have one of the buggers sneak out and unleash upon the unexpected (including me) with wonder tools and really are not that good. Now there is the exception of course, but come on lets face the fact that is it not just a bit tiring to having to go and ask for a refund. Not only that but lost hours from having to play around with broken toys. I figure if I ever try to pull that stunt with offline business owners I think I would be thrown out on to the street. But no not with the internet your take the chances after all it is not as though your really ever going to bump into each other is it. Enough said must go to Clickbank and get my money back as well as reply to the promoters who sent me the emails in the first place to give a review would be the next page on this blog. This should be fun.


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